Open Door Indicator / Oxygen / Voltage / Current Indicator and Alarm

This module is intended to operate as a self-contained device. It will show the status of all doors in the vehicle (open/close) as well as an indication of the oxygen tank pressure, battery voltage level and alternator current. A built-in audible alarm is included to indicate an abnormal open door or low oxygen pressure or voltage condition.

Two additional digital outputs are provided (Ground activation) to energize external relays and perform other customer-specified control functions. All inputs can be factory or customer programmed to become active when a 12V or Ground signal is applied to them

Dimensions: 4.7 inches wide x 3 inches high x 1.6 inches deep

Screen Dimensions: 3.5 inches diagonally

Open Door Indicator Module Description

12 Digital Inputs

Technical Characteristics:

  • All Inputs are customer-programmable to be active when connected to +12 VDC or Ground
  • All inputs are optically isolated from the rest of the system for maximum reliability
  • Low current required for activation (less than 10 mA)


 Typical programmable functions:

  • Door switch inputs
  • Compartment door inputs
  • Indication of Master Switch activation
  • Park/Neutral Switch input
  • Ignition Switch input
  • Other control and interlock functions (output signals to compartment light control relay, external alarms, etc.)


3 Analog Inputs

Technical Characteristics:

  • Factory set to measure analog input signals from 0 to +12VDC
  • Inputs protected against overvoltage and signal polarity reversal


 Typical programmable functions:

  • Oxygen pressure transducer input
  • Battery voltage level input
  • Alternator current transducer input


2 Digital Outputs

Technical Characteristics:

  • Load capacity of 1A each
  • Built-in load transient protection diode
  • Factory programmable per customer requirements
  • Asserted at Ground voltage level


 Typical programmable functions:

  • Control of compartment lights
  • External audible alarm or lights
  • Other customer-specified control functions


Other Technical Characteristics

  • Low input current requirement for digital signals (under 10 mA)
  • Industrial temperature range (-40 °C to +85 °C)
  • Reverse polarity, over voltage and load dump protection
  • Low key-off current drain
  • Large design safety factors for reliable operation
  • Simple plug-in connection of all control and power wiring

Open Door Indicator Detailed View




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