57 Output Programmable Relay Board - MR57

This programmable relay board is ideal for applications that require a high level of flexibility and a large number of control functions while occupying a small space.

Each output is independently protected against overloads by its own thermal breaker (breaker capacity specified by the customer).

All inputs can be customer specified to operate in the +12V active or Ground active modes. The operational logic for all inputs and outputs is specified by the customer and programmed at the factory. Two on-board analog input channels permit the monitoring of 0 to 12VDC signals and their incorporation as part of the system logic. Additionally, a CAN data interface channel makes it possible to interface the Module with the vehicle's data network or with other ECX control modules.

ECX Electronics manufactures customer specified relay boards or programmable relay boards for the specialty vehicle industry (ambulances, rescue vehicles, fire trucks, and mobile command centers).

MR57 Module Description

55 Relay Outputs

  • Contact Rating: 12VDC - 20A
  • Indicating/Diagnostic Lights:
    • Red: Input power available
    • Green: Ouput Activated
    • Yellow: Input Activated
  • 50% of the board supplied by 12VDC source "A"
  • 50% of the board supplied by 12VDC source "B"

2 Solid State Outputs

  • Load rating: 12VDC - 20A
  • Output Active at 12VDC
  • Ideal for flashing or PWM applications

46 Switch Controlled Signal Inputs

  • Each input can be specified to receive active +12V or active Ground switch signals
  • All inputs are optically isolated

2 Analog (0-12VDC) Signal Inputs

  • 1 Data Highway for Interfacing with other ECX Control and Display Modules
  • All inputs and outputs are factory programmable to perform functions specified by client
  • Mounting space requirements:
    • Length: 26.5 in
    • Width: 14.5 in
    • Height: 2.75 in

MR57 Detailed View


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