10 Output Relay Board - MR10

This compact relay board features ten independent relay outputs each controlled by an input signal that can be selected to operate as active when connected to +12V or when connected to Ground.

Each output is independently protected against overloads by its own thermal breaker (Breaker capacity specified by customer).

ECX Electronics manufactures customer specified relay boards or programmable relay boards for the specialty vehicle industry (ambulances, rescue vehicles, fire trucks, and mobile command centers).

MR10 Module Description

10 Independent Relay Outputs

  • Contact Rating: 12VDC - 30A
  • Coil Rating: 12VDC - 0.13A
  • Indicating/Diagnostic Lights: 
    • Red: Input power available
    • Green: Ouput Activated
    • Yellow: Relay Coil Energized
  • 10 Relays Independently Controlled by +12V Active Signals
  • Mounting space requirements:
    • Length:  8.30 in
    • Width:11.0 in
    • Height: 2.75 in

This relay board can be customized per client's requirements

MR10 Detailed View


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